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Instrument making

Connecting, recycling and sustainability 

With its projects in instrument making, Nyatiti NyaDala is looking to make sustainable and practical instruments. Using the research undertaken by the artist and maker Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno we are looking for innovating ways to build instruments and adapt to the need of today's artists moving within a wider geographical span and using as much as possible recycled materials and/or of sustainable material source.

  • creation of instruments with its own story in relation to the material origins and journey taken during its makings. It includes benefits it might have given to the community during its early life and before being made as an instrument. For example, we are looking to trace the story of the tree used in the making of the resonator in respect to it habitat and community as well as how each artisan involved along the way has benefited during the making.

  • how can we make use of our household waste such as plastic bottles, bottle tops or tins, bicycles spokes and wire brakes to make instruments? 

  • How to make instruments lighter and more portable?

  • In order to innovate effectively, we need to understand the roots of each instruments. Nyatiti NyaDala is looking back at how the instruments evolved and build replica specimens from different eras.

Thu Tinda!!!

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School workshops

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Nyatiti Kila Mahali

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