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Nyatiti Kila Mahali

Nyatiti everywhere - Outreach programs

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Nyatiti Kila Mahali in Swahili language means Nyatiti Everywhere. This is a project which the artist Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno started in Nairobi. Out of curiosity, he purposely walked by restaurants and bars around the capital of Kenya, he stopped and asked the manager/owner to perform for their customers to know how they relate to the nyatiti and its music. To his surprise a lot of locals did not know about this instrument and its music. He was regularly asked to come back which was the start of Nyatiti Kila Mahali journey in this cosmopolitan city. He has then continued investing his time in this outreach program on the web venues of  Instagram and Facebook during the COVID 19 pandemic in 2019. It is time for Nyatiti NyaDala to facilitate this program in venues and unusual places around the North East of England to benefit its community. To know where these will take place, sign up and follow us on social media. This is a free to all program, therefore your contribution is much appreciated. The donate button above will go straight to help us run this program.

Thu Tinda!!!

Instrument making

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School workshops

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