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Feel empowered, connect, respect and value our environment.

Nyatiti NyaDala is a place where the community, with the support of nyatiti music, can feel empowered, engage in dialogues, connect in a respectful space, and be mindful of our place in nature. It is a place where nyatiti music can breathe and regain its formal respect in the community while evolving with time and space.

With these values in mind, Nyatiti NyaDala is a platform of learning where people can interact and exchange their experience and culture. With you we will explore the Lüō tradition as our main model and learn about the music traditionally played by its people and neighbouring communities. It will give you opportunities to question and be creative in order to grow together.

  • Community

  • Nyatiti

  • Nature

  • Empowerment

  • Respect

  • Connect

Thu Tinda!!!

The roots of nyatiti sound

Dala in Dholuo language is "Home"

The Lüō people are nilotes who can be traced back to Sudan and are thought to have travelled down the Nile river to settle in regions such as Western Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania around Lake Victoria (Nam Lolwe).

Though it has been observed that the place of the nyatiti has somehow changed over the years, it was central to this community. It used to be present for every important life events happening. The nyatiti music would bring people together to socialise, create a sense of belonging and give understanding of identity. Although the respect for this instrument has been eroded, a shift has also started to happen given the culture exchange over the past decades.

Thu Tinda!!!

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