Traditional Luo house in Sega - Rapasa Nyatrapasa

© Rapasa Otieno Oduor

At NYATITI NYADALA we are fortunate to have the support of nyatiti music to help build bridges between people and to guide us towards our reconnection to the environment.

We are currently living in an age where our planet is at large dominated and somewhat controlled by mankind. We are losing that deep connection to our environment. Travelling back to our roots can help us find our way back to Nature. Our aim is to help you found your own way. The journey proposed is through the exploration of one but not limited to that tradition. It is also an opportunity to help keep traditions alive in their rich diversity.

In all cultures music has always played a big part in many aspects of our social and spiritual  practices. It is used widely to connect people and aid social interactions. It has the power to move, inspire us and to heal our hearts. It is a universal language which transcends boundaries. It is no wonder then that music is used in all ceremonies and major events in someone’s life.

Nyatiti NyaDala is a platform of learning where people can interact and exchange their experience and culture.

With you we will explore the Lüō tradition and learn about the music traditionally played by its people. It will give you opportunities to question and be creative in order to grow together.


Emphasis will be given to the education of youngsters and those with special needs in order to empower them. Giving them the tools to have a voice and become leaders in tomorrow's world. Great care in their development is important for a future where humanity is back to its roots without such imagined separation from nature. We will strive to create an environment to let them express themselves under the guidance of an experienced artist. In turn this will feed into the future of our community's development.


At our workshops you will be able to investigate playing techniques, tuning technicality, learn the process of making a nyatiti, choice of costume and the rotation of other accompanying instruments around the nyatiti, as well as exploring Lüō traditions in the wider context.

My Nyatiti Story - Rapasa - Documentary about how to reclaim back the space of traditional and rare instruments in the mainstream - Video by Loi Awat and Rapasa.