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East African Music and Culture in School

Music within reach

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East African traditional music and culture for creative and independent thinkers. Our workshops gives the pupils the opportunity "to learn to sing, play an instrument and create music together" which is not only important to Nyatiti NyaDala's values but are also central to the current National Plan for Music Education.

Nyatiti NyaDala is a platform of learning where people can interact and exchange their experience and culture. We Explore the Lüō traditions of these nilotes who also settled in Western Kenya and who are known to play the nyatiti, a traditional eight-string lyre from the shores of Nam Lolwe (Kenya’s Lake Victoria). During the process participants are invited to question and be creative in order to grow together.

The educator will generally give an introduction to East Africa traditional musical instruments and stories. Participation will be through questions and answers while sharing the student’s own experiences, singing, playing percussive instruments which the tutor would provide as well as improvisation. The format will be adapted depending on the age group involved and to their receptivity. 


Our lead tutor/mentor, Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and contemporary dancer from Kenya. He is the founder of Nyatiti NyaDala.  Virtuoso of nyatiti, his music is deeply rooted in traditional storytelling from the Lüo community. He has a lot of experience working with children and captivates young minds. In the United Kingdom he led workshops during Making Tracks 2019 as well as at a school in London and two primary schools in the north east of England. In 2022 he was the lead workshop facilitator during Making Tracks 2022. In Kenya he is the music department director of the Kitovu Learning Space and worked as a music tutor at Zaidi Ya Dreams Children’s (orphanage) Ruiru.

Thu Tinda!!!

Instrument making

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Nyatiti Kila Mahali

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