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Our Mission

At Nyatiti NyaDala we are looking to participate in rebuilding a more cohesive space using the inspiration of ancient practices and the potential of nyatiti music.

The gap between individuals is even greater than ever since the COVID 19 pandemic. Our social collective intelligence is at risk. As a social species it is crucial that we interact more with one another. We have also long set ourselves apart from the rest of nature. Nyatiti NyaDala is looking to integrate values in respect to our environment by questioning our place within it and show it the respect it deserves.

To do this, Nyatiti NyaDala is benefiting from nyatiti music. How can nyatiti music help? It has long been used in assisting with the mourning process and cleansing. Moreover, pakruok, where the nyatiti players have poetic dialogues with their audience creates bond and contentment, it also empowers children as they participate in this practice and prepare them with essential social skills.

  • Our research and development programs let us delve into our impact and interaction with our environment and community to create sustainable and unique instruments for education purpose and some which can be purchased. 

  • Using performances and workshops we are creating awareness about East African music, culture and traditions.


To enable us to do this we need your participation and support which can go a long way. You can support by booking services such as workshops, classes or private tuition, through buying bespoke instruments, donating to our main Nyatiti NyaDala CIC account or to a specific project using one of our sub-accounts.

Thu Tinda!!!

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