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Tipona cover - c Steve64.jpg
Tipona cover - c Steve64.jpg


The title of the work Tipona means "my shadow" in Rapasa's first language Dholuo.

Early in his music career Rapasa explores different subjects regarding his people’s way of life, the beauty of his land, differences and similarities as well as challenges that communities face in today’s fast growing modern life. Rapasa makes his voice heard through his original composition while preserving Luo sounds to address contemporary issues of today’s music scene. Without losing the authenticity of his roots he builds his music around Nyatiti music to bring different textures to his work which follows the movement and influences that different communities have had to the sound heard around Nam Lolwe (Lake Victoria). Nyatiti, featured as the lead instrument in his album, is an eight string lyre of Kenya's Lake Luo community. To the Nyatiti sound is added a layer of sounds from the Indian community of Kenya with Bansuri flute and Tabla which are blended with sunrise and sunset ambience of Nam Lolwe well interpreted on acoustic guitar and double bass as well as other Kenyan traditional instruments from the Luo community such as the mourning Orutu and horns, and from coastal Kenya with Boum boum and Nyiduonge of western Kenya.​

Thu Tinda!!!

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