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Aurore Akinyi


Mother, folk accordion player, singer, dancer and aspiring photographer Akinyi also heads communication and other administrative work at Nyatiti NyaDala. She is in search of being reunited with nature and would love to use what she learns through meditation in movement practice to her daily life. She has been dancing with passion for as long as she can remember. Music and movement exploration was her first initiation to mindfulness and medication from her tender years with a daily practice of folk accordion under her mentor Catherine Gaiffe and dance. Later in life she started a more structured practice known as Ashtanga Yoga thanks to two mentors Dan Burt and earlier Chris Conn.
Her meeting with the nyatiti instrument was at a turning point in her life which has inspired her to partner with Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno in founding Nyatiti NyaDala.

Thu Tinda!!!

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