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Live media projection

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Muziki production


Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno's involvement in Making Tracks "An international music exchange programme with an environmental focus, based around an annual UK residency and tour."

Rapasa was instrumental in the rebirth of Making Tracks. After he gave a workshop at SOAS University in 2018, he spent some time with the director of Making Tracks, Merlyn Driver where he shared his experience at OneBeat. It gave the spark needed for Merlyn to form the rebranded concept of Making Tracks as we know it now. You can find out more about Making Tracks on the dedicated website.

  • In 2019 he participated in the program as a fellow artist. Beautiful and outstanding collaborative worked formed and were performed in 10 venues around the UK. It also involved workshops for schools where Rapasa excelled in inspiring students. Some video output of the residence can be found here. Audio output can be found on Bandcamp.

  • Since he has become part of the team as a workshop facilitator. 

  • Most recently he created a video about nyatiti which is available below.

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