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Lüō roots with music!

East  African Traditional Music Workshops

Feel empowered, connect, respect and value our environment.

Nyatiti NyaDala is a platform where you can grow through experiencing East African traditional music workshops and performances.

Nyatiti against mud wall -  c NYATITI NYADALA
Kor sis/ot
Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno - Chineke!Orchestra - credits Mark Alllen.jpg

Our Next Release Session

Weekly Sessions
@Fairways Community Center


Some of our pupils ended the day with a special performance from Rapasa, a singer songwriter & great advocate of traditional music. He plays many East African indigenous instruments! Amazing sounds and experience." Albion Primary School

"When he gets on stage to perform he captures his listeners not by sheer exuberance of motion but also by the intensity of his oneness with whatever is coming from his body." 

Stephen Osieyo

Gateshead  Tyne and Wear

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