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Nyatiti and Digital Media Manipulation

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In the quest to universal story telling translation through visualisation

With the help of Arts Council of England Developing Your Creative Practice and under the mentorship of Fergus Dingle on filming and Opiyo Okach on digital media manipulation, Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno has been investigating how to use digital tools in his live performance to provide a fully interactive experience using live projection of interacting media. In this live display, captured live sound and movement interacts with one another and with images and prerecorded videos. Rapasa can use these tools to immerse and include his audience in the story told in his native tong Dholuo. It makes spectacular shows which he did a pilot of at Sage Gateshead Hall 1 on the 19 June 2021 and which he further developed during his residency with Britten Pears Arts in February 2022. 
Success means that not only Rapasa is planing to use these tools in the tour of his work KWEChE for which he developed this but envisage to use when touring other works.
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Live Media Manipulation

Live Media Manipulation

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KWEChE - Live cross media performance

Nyatiti Music & Live Visuals part-2 test 3

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The recorded sound of nyatiti and other East African instruments

This is a long term project of Rapasa Nyatrapasa in his quest to document nyatiti music and sound. Under the precious guidance of Dan Burt and Nathan Okite he is investigating how to record, mix and master music and songs he composes in an attempt to capture East African instruments and specifically nyatiti most majestically. He started this project with the while participating in the Artist in Residence programme at Sage Gateshead 2020/2021 when creating a new collection of work called KWEChE which is inspired with recent life changing events as well as changing audience and environment. KWEChE was produced for a release in August 2021. More information can be found in the Discography page and on Bandcamp. He is further developing this project with his upcoming release JOPANGO, work which he composed on the road and is inspired by the story of Benga music, a genre which has some of its roots in nyatiti music and evolved in Kenya since the 1940s. This particular project is funded by Help Musician UK MOBO funds.
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