Peke is a percussive instrument made from bottle tops that are flattened or in a saucer shape. They are arranged together through a single hole in the middle using a wire. The process of burning the bottle tops is required to achieve the distinct sound of peke

Poko is made from small guards or calabash, inside you can either put small seeds in general known as kodhi (language Dholuo) varying from olayo, ng’or. In English lentils. You can also use wild seeds popularly called as obul, red in color and has a black spo.

These instruments are used to accompany voices for Dodo musicians and Dodo dance amongst the Lüō community.

Notable players:
Maria Luoch nyar Haseya Ugenya Western Kenya.
Anastasia Oluoch AKA Ogoya Nengo nyar Magoya Ugenya Western Kenya.
Agnes Mbuta. 

IMG_3655 Peke.jpg

Ogoya Nengo and Dodo Women's Group - Wend Peke taken from the new album On Mande out on TAL May 06 2016 Worldwide distribution by MORR Camera: Sven Kacirek Edit: Egbert Trogemann. It features Dodo music with Poko.